Hey, I’m Susie, the natural ingredient loving gal from the Prairies- recent Texan!  My company has a simple mission: create luxurious, effective, and natural deodorant that's safe for everyone. 

After breast cancer claimed my aunt at the mere age of 32, I was advised to have regular mammograms starting at 30. The new concern about my health caused me to seriously consider the safety of what I was putting onto my body every day. The one product that really stood out to me as a potential health hazard was conventional deodorant/anti-perspirant. 

As if my newfound knowledge wasn't reason enough to stop using my anti-perspirant, I suddenly developed an allergy to it and experienced unpleasant reactions from every conventional brand that I tried. I tried natural brands but was disappointed in their efficacy or ingredients. Now I had no choice: if nothing out there worked for me, I'd have to make it myself! At the time I needed a creative outlet to relieve stress...so the timing was perfect!

Working in the natural beauty industry for years gave me a familiarity with ingredients that were great for your skin and offered benefits I knew would be perfect for a deodorant product. Taking those ingredients and creating a vegan deodorant I loved was an organic progression from there.

Our natural deodorant is made with a dedication to create something that leaves you feeling confident & empowered to take on any day!  In talking with our customers, their concerns were in finding products they could that were safe, clean and ACTUALLY worked…which formed the next part of our story.

From there, SoulDeo grew into a company based on clean products that I am proud to share with you. 

In May of 2023, my dream of living in Texas came to be! After waiting many years to be closer to family, we are able to expand the business into the USA! (Don't worry, we still have our headquarters in Canada!) Stay tuned to see what happens and how we grow :)